Shop Manager – Lagos

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Shop Manager

Job titles: Shop Manager
Industry: Food Delivery Company
Salary: 250k – 350k net
Location: Lagos

Job Summary:
The shop manager is responsible for the overall management and administration of the Shop. This includes overseeing staff, ensuring the store is well-stocked and organized, managing finances, and providing exceptional customer service.

 Ensure the supermarket operates smoothly and efficiently.
 Monitor and manage inventory levels to meet customer demand.
 Oversee pricing, promotions, and product displays.
 Hire, train, and supervise store staff.
 Schedule employees to ensure adequate coverage during peak and off-peak hours.
 Conduct performance evaluations and provide feedback.
 Handle disciplinary matters when necessary.
 Promote excellent customer service and resolve customer complaints or issues.
 Address customer inquiries, concerns, and complaints.
 Develop and manage the store’s budget.
 Monitor sales, expenses, and profits.
 Ensure accurate cash handling and accounting procedures.
 Establish and maintain strong relationships with suppliers and vendors.
 Manage inventory levels to minimize shrinkage and waste.
 Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
 Generate and analyze various reports related to sales, inventory, and performance.

Knowledge & Skill Requirement
Bachelor’s degree in business administration, or a related field
Proven experience in restaurant management in the food service or food-tech industry.
Strong leadership and team management skills.
Excellent communication and negotiation abilities.
Problem-solving and analytical skills.


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